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About Liatris Bio

Liatris Biosciences LLP is a life science informatics company from India. Est. in 2009, Liatris Bio offers data science and analytics services to pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, cosmetic companies and Universities worldwide. Our service portfolio covers end to end informatics solutions for drug discovery and other life science domains.

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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Get more insights from your data with advanced analytics solutions offered by Liatris Bio

Service Offerings

Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and AI

Leveraging Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable life science, healthcare, and chemical industries to unleash true potential of their research data

Scientific Workflow Development

Advanced technologies enabled workflows to meet scientific and research data management requirements by pharma, biotech and chemical make data ready for analytics

Drug Discovery Informatics Software Development

Customized user friendly software applications for easy data storage, filtering, retrieval, advanced analytics, and perform machine learning model building operations

Bio/Cheminformatics Services

Our Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics services covers biological and chemical data management, computational drug discovery services, Docking, and QSAR model development

Drug Real World Evidence Data Curation

We make customized drug RWE databanks for your needs by manually curating activity and toxicity data from journals, patents, literature and various public sources

Chemical Data Curation and Data Management

Build custom compound databases by curating active ligand libraries, molecular structure, biological activity data from journals, patents, literature, and public databases

Try Our Free Online Data Science Workbench

Work with your data and generate insights online. Our data science workbench allows you to build multiple Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Models automatically


Wide range of data science, machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics solutions for Pharma, Biotech, Chemical, and Cosmetic industry needs

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